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About Us

Advanced Laser Systems have provided barcode label and equipment solutions since 1997 based in Cork, Ireland. With staff having spent 20+ years in the barcoding equipment mobile and label applicator business we have developed a unique expertise in all aspects of barcode data collection. Having received awards over the last few years Advanced Laser Systems (ALS) pride ourselves in providing a professional service and our main office is located in Eastgate Business Park in Little Island. 

Advanced Laser Systems

ALS is a full service barcode system vendor offering a range of data collection systems custom designed to work for you.

ALS based in Munster, Ireland supplies printers and scanners to Ireland and abroad.

Working with our strategic partners ALS provides a number of software solutions which easily connect to barcode hardware.

Offering system design and installation is only the first step. ALS offers a range of off the shelf solutions for document tracking, warehouse and production tracking solutions.

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